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A different kind of bathroom emergency

100% Plumbing Maintenance provide a full suite of plumbing services in Hawthorn, including everything from fixing faulty water heaters to handling monstrous blocked sewers.

Hot water is a service we can sometimes take for granted - until it unexpectedly cuts out, that is. If you are experiencing inconsistent water temperatures or simply aren't getting any hot water at all, you could be in need of a water heater repair. Hawthorn residents can count on 100% Plumbing Maintenance for all their plumbing needs.

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Plumbing done right

Hot Water Heater Repair Hawthorn

If you think you require hot water heater repairs for your Hawthorn home, 100% Plumbing Maintenance will be able to provide prompt assistance by fixing any leaks or electrical or gas faults that may have occurred. Additionally, we are also able to replace your unit if it is broken or no longer serves your family's needs adequately.

We make your problems go down the drain!

Blocked Drain Services Hawthorn

Are you finding that the water in your home is just not draining as it should? You are likely in need of our blocked drain services in Hawthorn and surrounds, which involve the expert utilisation of CCTV scopes and hydro-jetting equipment to locate and blast through blockages.
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Plumbing got a spanner in the works?

Emergency Plumbing Repair Service Hawthorn

100% Plumbing Maintenance know that when plumbing emergencies strike, they're not pretty. This can include overflowing toilets, flooded sewer drains and foul smells coming from your drains, to name just a few scenarios. Quickly restore your home to its normal function with our emergency plumbing repair services in Hawthorn and surrounding areas.

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Sewer Drain Service Hawthorn

Overflowing or blocked sewers are some of the worst plumbing issues imaginable. If you notice issues with your downpipes or stormwater grates, call 100% Plumbing Maintenance for our sewer drain service in Hawthorn. Our team use Electric Eel and hydro-jetting equipment to get your home functioning as it should.
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We are a locally owned and operated plumbing service

100% Plumbing Maintenance happily offers our fast, friendly water heating services to you. Our professional technicians ensure quality results. Give us a call and we will be over right away. 
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